MYCB1 supports exceptional individuals and institutions who push the boundaries of science, art, music,
and other forms of creativity, inspiring and improving humanity.

One of our primary goals is to bring cutting-edge art to the mainstream public. For that reason we are honored to commission composer Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio a new piece-installation for our MYCB1 laboratory instruments to be performed at the Premier of the Award Winning Documentary: The Doctor: Franjo Grotenhermen by Eduardo Hernández at LAB111 Amsterdam The Netherlands. LAB (2022) by Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio Music installation for laboratory props (water bath, centrifuge, vortexer, magnetic stirrer, and shaker) and electronics. In LAB, laboratory props become musical instruments in dialogue with electronic prerecorded sounds. Colors, rhythms, and textures fuse the fascinating world of science with the world of music. Pipettes, test tubes, and shakers are our new stars disclosing their fascinating sonic and rhythmic possibilities. LAB opens the secluded life of the laboratory in the shape of music, and LAB also reveals the world of contemporary music to the audience, bringing its abstract and refined sphere closer. LAB brings worlds together by navigating science and music, opening new creative paths which present unexpected perspectives.


Cecilia Arditto Delsoglio, Composer

Conservatorio Julián Aguirre; CEAMC, Bs As, and Conservatory of Amsterdam (cum laude); Recently Cecilia got the following prizes: New Maker Ensemble (London); Low Frequency Trio Competition (Mexico); second prize Birmingham Contemporary Ensemble Competition, first prize Rychenberg Orchestra Competition, Switzerland, first prize Nationaltheater Mannheim to write an opera based on L’ étranger by Camus season 2024. Her cycle “Musique Concrete” was chosen to represent Holland in the ISCM 2022. She has lectured on her music all over the world. Her music has been performed in Latin American, Asia, USA and Europe. Her music has been object of study by many scholars and researchers.

Arditto is fascinated by sounds in general, those of musical instruments but also those of other objects; and she translates these sonic experiences into music notation. Her scores not only describe a sound result, but they also bring extra musical actions to the music, like movements, lights, and space design. Since 2002 Cecilia live in Amsterdam.